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Principal Investigator:
  • Steve S. Sin, Ph.D.
  • Director, Unconventional Weapons & Technology Division
  • sinss (at)
Co-Principal Investigator:
  • Markus K. Binder, M.A.
  • Senior Researcher, Unconventional Weapons & Technology Division
  • mkbinder (at)

If you have any questions regarding either the CBRN Event Database or the CBRN Actor Database, please contact Dr. Sin or Mr. Binder at the email addresses listed above.

If you would like to perform a more nuanced and/or specific analyses of your own design, we are happy to provide you with a file containing relevant data for you to perform your analyses. Please contact us at start-vnsa-cbrn-database (at) and we will be happy to assist you with the process for obtaining a copy of the data.

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